Rotator Cuff Bone Spurs

Dr. Nicholson frequently treats patients suffering from the pain caused by bone spurs rubbing on the rotator cuff.

Bone spurs underneath the acromion (the outer upper point of the shoulder blade or scapula) can damage the rotator cuff. When the spurs rub on the tendon when the arm is elevated, the condition is called impingement.

Bone spurs are the result of the aging process. The rubbing of the tendon on the bone spur can lead to weakening of the tendon. Combining this with a diminished blood supply leaves the tendons with a limited ability to heal themselves.

During surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in this instance, the spur is typically removed to relieve the impingement. Removing the spur is referred to as an acromioplasty.

Dr. Nicholson believes that early diagnosis is the single most important step a patient can take to treat shoulder pain. He will work closely with you to determine an accurate diagnosis and to determine the best course of treatment.