Elbow Conditions

Posterior Impingement

Posterior Impingement: This is a condition that can be caused by repetitive sport such as swimming or tennis, or a traumatic hyperextension injury such as a fall or car accident. Symptoms are associated with a “locking” feeling, limited range of motion, pain and difficulty with strength. We diagnose this injury with an exam in the office and radiographic images or MRI. This injury can be caused by either inflammation within in the joint, bone spur, cartilage loose bodies or bony loose bodies.

Treatment usually begins conservatively with rest, ice, bracing, physical therapy and medication. If conservative treatment fails, an arthroscopic procedure can be performed to remove the loose bodies or bone spurs to allow for better, pain free movement. Dr. Nicholson estimates recovery time between 3-6 months to regain range of motion and strength with physical or occupational therapy.




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